Introduction & Features

The Neighborhood Handler (TNHH)was once started shortly after The Sims came out. Version 1.0 was born quickly, but under a different name and it was never released. Hence the first release, within a few months later, was called version 2.0 - and from then on known as "The Neighborhood Handler". It was still a simple 'Batch'-file though that couldn't do much. After several more releases of version 2.x, Version 3.0 was started with during the summer of 2000. This would be a Windows version with a lot more options - including compatibility with the first expansion pack for The Sims: Livin' Large. This version was finished early 2001, and many more followed. In 2002 it became time for a huge update, resulting in The Neighborhood Handler 4.0.

TNHH is a program with which you can easily manage all your neighborhoods. Want to create a back-up of your neighborhood so it won't get lost when uninstalling The Sims? Or do you need more than 1 neighborhood but don't have an expansion for The Sims? Maybe you want to copy families or houses across neighborhoods... All that (and more) is possible with The Neighborhood Handler. The best neighborhood manging program for The Sims.

Here's a feature list for most things you can do with the program:

  • Create back-ups of your neighborhoods (and restore them)
  • Identify back-ups and neighborhoods using names and comments.
  • Back-ups and neighborhoods get date/time stamps when they're being changed
  • Copy and move back-ups and neighborhoods
  • Delete back-ups and neighborhoods
  • Make back-ups and neighborhoods empty again
  • Create new empty back-ups or neighborhoods
  • Repair back-ups and neighborhoods if they seem to be broken
  • Quickly activate your neighborhoods
  • Quickly update back-ups using a 'Refresh' option
  • Copy houses or areas (downtown etc.) from one back-up or neighborhood to another
  • Copy families from one neighborhood to the Import function in The Sims
  • Install downloaded houses or areas to your neighborhoods. No need to unzip files first!
  • Rezone an Unleashed neighborhood without having to demolish your building
  • A family index to easily find which family is in which neighborhood
  • Convert back-ups of old versions of TNHH to version 4.x neighborhoods
  • Start The Sims from The Neighborhood Handler with options like skipping the intro or running it in a window
  • Store back-ups wherever you want to
  • Change the style dates and times are shown
  • Automatically finds where The Sims is installed for you
  • A special Yahoo!Group to be informed of the latest important news and updates
  • Full support by ChEeTaH
  • Easy (un)installation
  • Detailed and clear manual
  • Works with all expansion packs for The Sims
  • Completely free (although donations are accepted and appreciated very much!)

Check all the separate chapters in this manual for more details.