Repairing a Back-up or Neighborhood

Repairing a back-up or neighborhood can be really useful. Sometimes, there are files missing which can cause the problem that you cannot build anything in the downtown area for instance. Another problem could be that some files became read-only files, so The Sims is unable to save those houses or families. The Repair function of The Neighborhood Handler can fix both these problems with just a few mouse clicks! You need to have an expansion pack or The Sims Deluxe installed before you can use this option.

Select the "Repair..." option and the back-up or neighborhood you want to repair on the main screen (Chapter 3). After you click the "Continue..." button, you will see this screen:

All you have to do is check the options that you want to perform. These are:
Option Description
Copy missing files This will copy any missing files in the back-up or neighborhood to it. This will fix any problems where you cannot build downtown etc. anymore.
Remove 'read-only' attribute from files This will make files no longer be read-only so The Sims is able to write to them again. This can solve errors which may occur when you save a game in The Sims.

By default, both options are checked. It's recommended to keep it like that. Note that these options may solve problems. There is no guarantee that they will actually help you, but it's always worth a shot. Quite often it will probably help too.

When you're ready to go, click "Continue". If you want to sleep over it first, click "Abort" and you will go back to the main screen again. Note that in some cases this action is very quick, for instance when there are no missing files. You may not see that the program is busy then, but it will take any possible actions though. After the back-up or neighborhood has been repaired, you will be taken back to the main screen.

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