Refreshing a Back-up

Refreshing a back-up can be very easy if you want to quickly update a back-up. When you refresh a back-up, it will recreate the back-up to replace it with the one in your neighborhood. Name and comments will be kept, so it's really a process of just a few clicks as you don't have to type any of that... as long as the back-up has not been deleted.

Choose "Refresh a Back-up" on the main screen (Chapter 3), and follow by clicking the "Continue..." button. This screen will pop up on your screen:

If you don't have any Sims expansion pack installed, then you will not be able to select the neighborhood to refresh from. Otherwise, simply select the neighborhood you played and want to refresh the back-up of. If a back-up of it has been made once, then that's also the one which will be updated. You will see the corresponding back-up on the right part, the left half shows the details of the neighborhood.

Once you selected the right neighborhood, and you want to continue updating the back-up, simply click "Continue". The original back-up will be overwritten automatically and it will be unrecoverable! Make sure you don't overwrite a back-up that you want to keep. Click "Abort" if you decide otherwise and want to go back to the main screen directly.

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