Installing a Lot/Family

Don't know where to install houses, lots or families to when you downloaded them? Let The Neighborhood Handler do it for you. Choose for this option on the main screen (Chapter 3) and as soon as you click "Continue..." you must select the files you wish to install. This can be extracted files, but also zip files. The following file types can be selected:

File Extension Description of file
*.zip Zipped file, containing one or more of the other file types
House01.iff to House10.iff Houses on the regular neighborhood
House21.iff to House30.iff Downtown areas (Hot Date Expansion pack required)
House40.iff to House48.iff Vacation Island areas (Vacation Expansion pack required)
House50.iff to House80.iff Community areas in the extended neighborhood (Unleashed Expansion pack required)
House81.iff to House89.iff Studio Town areas (Superstar Expansion pack required)
House90.iff to House98.iff Magic Town areas (Makin' Magic Expansion pack required)
*.fam Exported family (including their home)
*.dtl Exported downtown area (including description - Hot Date Expansion pack required)
*.vil Exported vaction island area (including description - Vacation Expansion pack required)
*.cmt Exported community area (including description - Unleashed Expansion pack required)
*.stl Exported Studio Town area (including description - Superstar Expansion pack required)
*.mtl Exported Magic Town area (including description - Makin' Magic Expansion pack required)

Once you selected the files to install, you will see this screen:

At the very top, you see the list of selected files. In the case of zip files, these are extracted and all the valid files in there will be listed. If you want to install only a few of the files, and not of all of them, simply select those you do want to install. The files which are not selected will not be installed. Click the "Select All" button to select all the files for installation, "Select None" will deselect all listed files instead. Click "Add Files" to add more files to the list.

The last file you selected (the active one) will be previewed on the right. You will see a preview of the house on the right. In the case of an exported family, you will see the family members at the right bottom. In the case of a lot (*.iff - not exported) you will see the lot of the selected back-up or neighborhood to install to (see below) on the right bottom. In the case of exported areas (not families) there is nothing to be previewed on the right bottom.

In the box at the bottom, you can select the back-up or neighborhood to install all the *.iff files to. These are regular houses and lots (not exported). All the existing lots will be overwritten in the selected back-up or neighborhood and they will be unrecoverable! You will see its details of the back-up or neighborhood in the box.

With the previews of areas, you can see the interior and exterior. Click the "Save Bitmap" button to save the displayed image as a bitmap file.

Once you're sure all the settings are right, click the "Install" button to install the selected files. Click "Abort" to return to the main screen directly. When you install files, it may take a very short or very long time depending on how many files you selected to be installed.

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