Converting Old Back-ups

This is a useful option for users of The Neighborhood Handler version 2.x and 3.x. The way back-ups are stored have changed since version 4.0. When you upgrade, you don't have to lose your back-ups. Instead, you can convert them to the version 4.0 system. It's a quick and easy process. Simply click "Convert Old Back-ups" on the main screen (Chapter 3) and click "Continue...". You'll see this confirmation box:

As you can see, you will not be able to use converted back-ups with The Neighborhood Handler 2.x or 3.x anymore. The process is simple, click "OK" to convert the back-ups, "Cancel" to return to the main screen. Converting usually goes pretty quick, and you will see a message when it's complete. No new back-ups will be overwritten whatsoever. Instead, if back-up 1 is already occupied and an old back-up on slot 1 is being converted, then it will be converted to back-up 2 (or higher, depending on which slots are all occupied). After converting, a message will tell you which back-ups have changed numbers.

Also note that you must set the same path to store back-ups as with version 2.x or 3.x in the options screen (Chapter 20). Only back-ups in that directory will be searched. As the default for versions 2.x and 3.x was set to the path of The Sims and not that of The Neighborhood Handler, this could be different. If you don't want your back-ups to be stored there anymore, you can first convert the back-ups. Restore the back-ups (Chapter 6) as (temporary) neighborhoods in The Sims, and delete the back-ups (Chapter 8). Change the path in the options screen, and recreate the back-ups (Chapter 5).

Converted back-ups will use the Normal back-up method. See the Creating a Back-up chapter (Chapter 5) for more details on this back-up method.

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