Confused about what some of the words used in this manual or in the program mean? Here's a list with description of some of these words.

Word Description
Back-up A back-up of a neighborhood. This is actually just a copy of another neighborhood, but it cannot be played with The Sims.
Back-up or Neighborhood Details The name, comments, dates, times and more information about a specific (selected) back-up or neighborhood.
Community/Old Town The extended neighborhood that comes with the Unleashed expansion pack, i.e. lots 50 to 80
Community Area/Old Town Lot One specific lot in the extended neighborhood (Old Town).
Downtown The collection of downtown areas, i.e. lots 21 to 30. This comes with the Hot Date expansion pack.
Downtown Area One single downtown area or downtown lot somewhere downtown.
Expansion pack An expansion pack for The Sims, e.g. Livin' Large, House Party, Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed or Superstar.
Family A whole family of Sims and pets, usually including the home.
House A house in the neighborhood, not including the family that lives there. This is usually used for houses built on lot 1 to 10 (the default neighborhood), or 50 to 80 if you have Unleashed too.
Lot A building in The Sims. This can be anywhere (in the neighborhood, downtown, vacation island, old town or studio town).
Neighborhood A neighborhood that can be played in The Sims.
Magic Town The collection of Magic Town areas, i.e. lots 90 to 98. This comes with the Makin' Magic expansion pack.
Magic/Magic Town Area One single magic town area in magic town.
Slot The number of a back-up or neighborhood.
Studio Town The collection of Studio Town areas, i.e. lots 81 to 89. This comes with the Superstar expansion pack.
Studio/Studio Town Area One single studio town area in studio town.
(Vacation) Island The collection of vacation areas, i.e. lots 40 to 48. This comes with the Vacation expansion pack.
Vacation Area One single vacation area or vacation lot on the vacation island.