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This is just the legal section of this manual. It has to be there, doesn't it :-)

Job People
Creating (Programming etc.) ChEeTaH

Matt Sutton

Manual & Readme ChEeTaH
Design for the manual Laura H., ChEeTaH
Beta testing version 3.0 ChEeTaH
Tim Jarzo
Daniel Bayliss
Travis Johnson
Michael Bielenberg
Akleshwar Sharma
Frank Van Laere
Gail Kremser
Micah Birdwell
Stephen Williams
Dincel Hassan
Nathaniel Gates
Joe Holgate
Joyce Rebecca Lee
David Goldman
James McKay
Ronald Dawdy
Ryan Jackson
Teri Walasek
Robert Hatton
Laura Ashe
Kevin Masengale
James Witman
Thanks to everybody who volunteered for beta-testing!
Beta testing other versions:

(Part of) The Sims Zone team (all versions)
David Ray (version 3.7)

Special thanks to: Maxis, for creating The Sims.
Electronic Arts, for distributing The Sims everywhere.
Tom van Dijk (BluePrint) for some help with IFF Files.
SimTech ( for documents about IFF Files and the IFF Types.
Everybody who helped me with problems I had during the making of The Neighborhood Handler.
Everybody at The Sims Zone, especially Jevon for providing the hosting services.
Webmasters that put this program on their site(s).
Everybody who gave suggestions, reported bugs, etc.
Everybody who supported me.
Everybody else who I forgot.
And last but not least: You, for using The Neighborhood Handler!
Made With:

Inprise Borland C++ Builder 5 (
Dialog Workshop by COMPONENTAGE Software (
Delphi Zip by Chris Vleghert and Eric Engler (, which uses some of Info-Zip's files (
TurboPower ShellShock (

No Thanks To: Micro§oft, for making Windows the unwanted standard :(
Bill Gates, for bringing Micro§oft to what it is now


The Neighborhood Handler - Copyright © 2000-2002 ChEeTaH & The Sims Zone
The Neighborhood Handler Picture File Editor - Copyright © 2001-2002 ChEeTaH & The Sims Zone
The Sims - Copyright © 2000 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims Livin' Large (Livin' It Up) - Copyright © 2000 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims House Party - Copyright © 2001 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims Hot Date - Copyright © 2001 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims Vacation - Copyright © 2002 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims Unleashed - Copyright © 2002 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims Superstar - Copyright © 2003 Maxis/Electronic Arts
The Sims Makin' Magic - Copyright © 2003 Maxis/Electronic Arts
Microsoft Windows - Copyright © 1981-2001 Microsoft Corporation

All other brand names, trademarks, etc. mentioned in The Neighborhood Handler, the readme and/or this manual are property of its respective owners.


ChEeTaH and/or The Sims Zone cannot be held responsible for any damage done to a system or neighborhood, even if it's caused by The Neighborhood Handler. Use it at your own risk. Report bugs, suggestions or other feedback to


This program is freeware, which means you can use it as long as you want for free. You can also freely distribute it, as long as you don't make any changes to the program, readme file, manual, or any other file that comes with The Neighborhood Handler, and as long as you do not sell it for profit.

If you distribute this program, please make sure you put the latest version online. This also has to be the "Full" version. Do NOT link directly to the download at The Sims Zone or the official TNHH site. Instead, please upload the file to your own server. You may also put the "Upgrade" version on your site, but that's optional. If you want to stay informed when a new version is released, please join the TNHH Group. Every time a new version is released, you'll be e-mailed then so you can download and upload the latest version.

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