Copying/Moving a Back-up or Neighborhood

You can copy, move or swap one back-up to another back-up, or copy, move or swap one neighborhood to another neighborhood. You cannot copy a back-up to a neighborhood (use the Restore option for that (Chapter 6)) or vice versa (use the Create Back-up option for that (Chapter 5)). If you want to copy the back-up or neighborhood, use the "Copy from..." option. Use "Move from..." to move the back-up or neighborhood to another. Swapping can be done using both options, so it doesn't matter which one you take then. Make sure you also select the back-up or neighborhood to copy from. Once you entered the option, you will see a screen similar to this:

Depending on what option you chose, it may say "Move" instead of "Copy" at some places, and maybe neighborhood instead of back-up.

You chose the back-up or neighborhood to copy/move from on the main screen. At the top of this screen, select where it should go to. You will see both the back-ups/neighborhoods details in the boxes. If the second back-up or neighborhood doesn't exist, it will say so. In that case, the "Swap" option will also be disabled. Otherwise, check that box to swap the back-ups or neighborhoods. For instance, swapping neighborhood 1 and 2 will put what used to be neighborhood 2 on neighborhood 1, and neighborhood 1 will be on neighborhood 2 after swapping.

Note that in the case of back-ups, the back-up method won't be changed. Copying a normal back-up will keep it a normal back-up, and a zipped back-up will stay a zipped back-up. Also, if one or both back-ups are password protected, then the passwords will be asked. First the one for the first back-up, then for the second one.

Once you're sure everything's entered ok, click "Continue" and it will do what you want. Click "Abort" to go back to the main screen directly, otherwise it will go back there right after it's copied or moved the files.

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